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Everyone has their own goals. We hep facilitate those goals with exercise accountability and nutritional counseling. 

Daily Goals

Goals are attainable no matter the age. We work with a variety of clientele who set goals and work towards accomplishing them everyday. 

Diet and Nutrition

How we eat can effect our daily lives and with our help you will have a better understanding of what foods will help you lose weight and be healthy. Choose from one of our meal plans for the right eating style for you. 

Mobile Chair Massage

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Online Community

Our mobile App is coming soon! As for now our online community is on our platform where you can message your personal trainer or friends and stay motivated.

Waivers and Insurance

We work 1:1 with your insurance to ensure your personal training and massage is covered for your needs. 

Workout for Health

from start to finish

Working out is a process because there’s a lot to learn. We encourage healthy eating and creating habits that will last for a long time. With our special needs personal training you will walk away stronger and more knowledgable about your own health and wellness. 

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Our on staff Personal Trainers and Massage Therapist will help you and keep you moving in the right direction to better yourself. 


We'll plan the perfect workouts for you

Working 1:1 with your goals make it easier to design a program for your fitness level. Everyone starts somewhere and some advance faster than others. Your program will be easily adjustable and your goals will be attainable. 


Enjoy your results

Working towards weight loss or just overall muscle development and muscle memory is where we strive the best. We do monthly fitness test to reevaluate your progress and so we can keep pushing you during your workouts. 

Our happy customers

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Reviews from real clients 

Codey Joyner



“My workouts have been the best part of my daughters program by At Home Fitness. Tyler has helped tremendously get our young adult into a healthy way of life. Thank you Tyler!”

Eren Hill



“Tyler has helped our daughter workout and create a healthy lifestyle and the daily tasks have been a lot easier since starting. Tyler comes to us and we are greatly appreciated of his work.” 

Emanuel Sadler



“The best in home personal trainer ever! Tyler has helped our son get healthy and he even works out with our son for more motivation. We know finding a personal trainer would be tough but Tyler and his personal trainers are there to help.”

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You ask, we answer

Everyone has questions before they get started with our program. Let us know any questions you may have before starting and we will help. 

We first start with an introductory phone call to go over your son or daughters goals. We work 1:1 with Accra and other insurance companies to make sure your program is covered. Once we get started you will receive a fully built nutrition and fitness program that a Personal Trainer will put you through in your own home or long stay facility. 

We like to schedule at least 24 hours in advance so our Personal Trainers have can plan their days accordingly. Our Personal Trainers and Massage Therapist are mobile everyday and the best way to get someone results is to stick to a routine. So we schedule repeat sessions in your own home so we can get you to where you want to be. 

Session cost vary depending on frequency of your package. We have different packages of sessions you can purchase that don’t expire until 1 full year after purchase. Once we get started you have the option of being on reoccurring payments or bundle packages. 

Call us today and get started with a complimentary workout to see if you like what we do. Call today.

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