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For over 10 years At Home Fitness has ben in business helping people lose weight and learn how to workout in their own home. Working out at home is convenient and affordable compared to the time and money spent at the gym. 

Relax and stay at home while one of our Massage Therapists sets up in your living room. During the lunch hour or any time between working hours you can have the best massage without leaving your home. 

Create a profile for free and get started. Once you do we will contact you to figure out your fitness goals to start designing a program for you. Use your profile like any other social media profile and post daily about your life and fitness goals. Your program will be added to your profile and all messaging and communicating to your mobile health professional or online professional will be done through your profile. 

When you work with us your money is back 100%. Choosing the right mobile health professional is always the hardest part. Some people are unreliable and with our program we guarantee your healthy choice by choosing us. We want the best experience for you in your home and you can choose your mobile health professional or alternate between a few until you find a good fit. 

Unlike other fitness apps our programs are designed by us and not prebuilt. Our programs are scientific and made with a purpose unlike a HIIT class that a coach just throws together a bunch of exercises for you. You will understand the program and learn why we workout the way we d

Scheduling is easier than ever. With our platform you can keep track of your sessions used and non used along with easy rescheduling. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy that applies to everyone and that insures that you stay accountable and we do understand life does get in the way sometimes so don’t worry. We are flexible. 

Unlike most companies nutrition is free. Our nutrition programs come with shopping list, a detailed menu and you can choose different caloric amounts for your goals. Every program is available whether you are trying to eat low carb, gluten free, or balanced nutrition we have the plan for you. 

At Home Fitness is worldwide and we want to help everyone we can. With our platform you can see peoples progress, post daily, like and share with people from all over the world. Be apart of the best online fitness and health community in the world. 

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    Original price was: 2,500.00$.Current price is: 1,800.00$. / month

    20 Training Sessions Per Month

    Elevate your fitness journey with our in-home personal training program....

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    Original price was: 2,000.00$.Current price is: 1,440.00$. / month

    16 Training Sessions Per Month

    Elevate your fitness journey with our in-home personal training program....

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    Original price was: 1,500.00$.Current price is: 1,080.00$. / month

    12 Training Sessions Per Month

    Elevate your fitness journey with our in-home personal training program....

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    Original price was: 1,000.00$.Current price is: 720.00$. / month

    8 Training Sessions Per Month

    Elevate your fitness journey with our in-home personal training program....

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Choose your lifestyle plan and go grocery shopping with our full food list. Every program is individualized for your goals.

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Relax at home with one of our professional mobile therapist. They bring their table, linen and oils.

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Schedule with one of our professionals and we bring the gym to you.


Workout when we're not there. Stay accountable with our strength program. Choose your goal and get started.

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We Carry The Gym On Our Backs And Arrive At Your Doorstep With a Program Designed specifically For You.

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No Matter Where You Live In The World We Have You Covered With Our Online Program And Community Support.

Tyler Bass At Home Fitness

About Us

At Home Fitness is a mobile health and wellness company, specializing in in-home personal training and massage services in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Our app serves as a global fitness platform where users can join, post about their fitness, like others’ progress, and connect with a supportive community. For those beyond our service area, our online program offers personalized fitness and nutrition guidance, making wellness accessible to everyone, everywhere. Join us in transforming lives, one home at a time.

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I was struggling to lose weight and wanted to get toned but did not know how to go about accomplishing my goals. I decided to hire Tyler as my personal trainer and over the last three months he has completed transformed by life in so many positive ways. I have finally been able to lose the weight I wanted and started to build muscle. I feel and look great. Tyler brings a vast amount of knowledge for both working out and nutrition. I have learned these two important elements are critical and need to go hand-in-hand...he is the perfect person to learn from. He checks in with how I am doing regularly, even on non-workout days and keeps me motivated. I would highly recommend Tyler to anyone.​
Erin P.
Erin P.
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Tyler was awesome! He was more than willing to work with our crazy schedule and took the time to talk through our eating habits and workout plan to get the best results.​
Fran C.
Fran C.
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Tyler hit the ground running, he was quick to respond, professional, and very knowledgeable. They explained the whole process in great detail, asked about goals, what I’ve tried, what worked and what hasn’t. They composed a personalized plan and we started immediately. They got me working out, meal planning, within 24 hours. I highly recommend working with Tyler & Josh if your looking to make a positive chang to your life.​
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Tyler has been great at motivating and providing support for our weight loss goals! He provides diet plans and custom workouts which have all contributed to fantastic results (10lbs and 12 inches lost over 2 months with a starting weight of 137lbs!)I highly recommend using Tyler for your fitness needs!
Rayane P.
Rayane P.
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We just had our first session with Tyler! He is amazing - seriously! He is working with us as a family, but also on a personal level. We can’t believe how supportive, patient and compassionate he is...and how excited and optimistic we are! We can’t wait for our next session!!!​

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