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15% off all services

15% off in home personal training and massage. Employees and community can benefit from working 1:1 with in home personal training or massage. 

Choose your mobile professional

Being able to rotate Personal Trainers daily helps keep your motivation going and get a feel for other personal training styles. 

Corporate Profile

Having your own Profile to keep the community going and adverstising community events where people will see it. 

Diet & Fitness

With complete access to our platform all parters can work on their fitness goals virtually with the community. Post and share your workouts and progress for others to get motivated with. 

Features list

Professional Profile

Partners receive a free profile to display their community gyms and promote healthy living. Post freely healthy topics to keep your community active and engaged. 


Uploading amenities and gym pictures into your profile will drive more traffic to your websites. We use keywords letting people know we are mobile and we travel to their homes. Partnering will help people know there is an option with health where they stay. 

Paying Partners

The office will receive a $75 gift card for every new client sign up and every month they continue and this can be split up between the employees. For shorter stays a $25 gift card will be received.

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