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Ready to achieve your fitness goals without the hassle of going to the gym? Welcome to “At Home Fitness”! We’re a Christian-based mobile fitness company that brings your wellness journey to your doorstep.

We believe in tailored fitness, with personalized nutrition plans and workouts designed just for you. Our certified experts are here to guide you every step of the way.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we have solutions for you, from home gym setups to high-intensity interval training. Your potential is limitless!

Join us today for a free profile or schedule your first in-home training session with our amazing sales team. Let’s transform your life and help you become your best self!

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Tyler Bass

Founder of At Home Fitness

I was struggling to lose weight and wanted to get toned but did not know how to go about accomplishing my goals. I decided to hire Tyler as my personal trainer and over the last three months he has completed transformed by life in so many positive ways. I have finally been able to lose the weight I wanted and started to build muscle. I feel and look great. Tyler brings a vast amount of knowledge for both working out and nutrition. I have learned these two important elements are critical and need to go hand-in-hand...he is the perfect person to learn from. He checks in with how I am doing regularly, even on non-workout days and keeps me motivated. I would highly recommend Tyler to anyone.
Michael R.
MN Twins
Tyler has been great. I am a traveler and he comes to my hotel and uses what their gym has to offer. He has given me nutrition and supplement help as well. He is very flexible with his schedule and always makes it work!
Eva L.
Travel Nurse
Tyler customizes his approach based on your starting point and goals. He has been incredibly supportive and motivating both during sessions and in between. I am intimidated by the prospect of working out around highly experienced individuals. Tyler made me feel comfortable and confident in my abilities. Will add results as time progresses. Looking forward to achieving my goals in partnership with Tyler.
Emily G.
Tyler was awesome! He was more than willing to work with our crazy schedule and took the time to talk through our eating habits and workout plan to get the best results.
Erin P.
Overnight Nurse
Tyler is really awesome. I look forward to our workouts. He is very professional.
Susan K.
Tyler is experienced, incredibly knowledgable and tailors my workout program to my specific goals and what works for my family's schedule. Even though I only see him twice a week, we are constantly in contact. Whether it be me asking questions about nutrition and macros or him sending me daily workouts and assessing my soreness; it's as if I have a personal trainer everyday. He clearly loves what he does and he's taking my fitness to a whole other level.
Rachael A.
I have been training with Tyler for just about 3 months. I started with and have had some injuries throughout this time. Tyler has been GREAT at working around my aches and pains and still managing to whip me into better shape. My nutrition was hugely lacking and that has been a complete transformation. I never thought I'd see a giant container of Protein Powder in my cupboard
Chris B.
Business Specialist
Tyler is a fantastic trainer! He makes working out fun. I wouldn’t want to train with anyone else!
Kim P.
I would highly recommend Tyler as a personal trainer to anyone regardless of injuries, age, athletic ability, or level of fitness. You can tell he has a passion for his work and he takes much pride and genuinely cares about his clients. I have been working out with Tyler for 4 months and I have seen a dramatic change in my physical health. I originally searched for a trainer to help me with severe joint and muscle pain resulting from a long battle with Lymes disease. At the time of starting I was having difficulties with daily activities and even walking. I am now pain free and I am stronger than I have been in years! It is also extremely convenient that he travels to me and we work out in the gym located in my apartment building. I look forward to my workouts with Tyler and I am excited to see how much stronger I will be in the next 4 months!
Selby M
I've been training with Tyler since July 2016 (8 months). I wanted to get into shape, but I hated working out and never seemed to make it to the expensive gym I belonged to. I knew I needed someone to motivate me, so when I came across a Groupon for TBASS At Home Fitness, I figured I had nothing to lose. His prices are reasonable and he comes to YOU! What more can you ask for?! I will admit, the first few sessions were brutal because I was SO out of shape, but week by week I started getting stronger and my motivation went through the roof! I started looking forward to our sessions because every workout is different and fun. He is also very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition, which is half the battle, at least for me. He also checks in with you throughout the week to make sure you are staying on top of your nutrition and water intake. However, he will only push you if you want to be pushed. For me, the friendly follow up reminders keep me on track. If you want a coach that cares about your health and goals as much as you do, then Tyler is the trainer for you. I promise, you won't be disappointed.
Lindsay O.
Hotel Specialist
Tyler is awesome! My husband and I have been able to work out with him for over a month now. We are already seeing results. We really appreciate how we can work out together but Tyler customizes the workouts to meet our individual goals. He is also a great resource for nutrition. We are so glad we found him!!
Amy H.
I have been training with TBass for a few years and am down about 50 lbs while also adding muscle. If you are looking for someone to come to the comfort of your own home and motivate you to get moving and set goals, Tyler is your person. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of health and fitness and will help you reach those goals. Give him a call. What do you have to lose?
Anders H.
It was time to make a change, and getting to the gym is impossible for me. Working out with Tyler was the best decision, he holds you accountable and makes working out fun!
Anastasia B.
Business Rep
Tyler has been great at motivating and providing support for our weight loss goals! He provides diet plans and custom workouts which have all contributed to fantastic results (10lbs and 12 inches lost over 2 months with a starting weight of 137lbs!)I highly recommend using Tyler for your fitness needs!
Linda B
I worked with Tyler with At Home Fitness for about six months. He did an amazing job kickstarting my workouts. With his guidance, I lost 30 pounds and built muscle and endurance. He was a great coach and helped me adjust my diet and habits. I highly recommend At Home Fitness!
Amir M.
Privacy Manager
Tyler is a great trainer. He definitely knows how to train someone who is not 22 and who has major hip issues from a hip replacement gone wrong. The program we do is tailored to my goals and includes not only physical training but nutrition, supplements and lifestyle habits. He is patient, friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable , friendly and motivating. I have used many trainers over the years but I have never used anyone like Tyler
Linda B.
I want to gain strength and he knows how to adjust exercises to accommodate existing conditions and previous injuries and still work the target areas. He also provides a variety of exercises so muscles are challenged.
Kathleen A.
Bar Owner
Tyler is an amazing personal trainer. He has changed my life in so many ways, I am even working out on my vacations now. I have completely changed my lifestyle in a healthy way, which has made an extraordinary difference in my energy levels and my body. I would highly recommend Tyler as a personal trainer especially if you are looking to not only lose weight but also achieve long-term fitness goals.
Midori V.
Beauty Salon
Tyler hit the ground running, he was quick to respond, professional, and very knowledgeable. They explained the whole process in great detail, asked about goals, what I’ve tried, what worked and what hasn’t. They composed a personalized plan and we started immediately. They got me working out, meal planning, within 24 hours. I highly recommend working with Tyler & Josh if your looking to make a positive chang to your life.
Nick L
Project Manager
Tyler is amazing to work with. Some one who know how to change work out sessions depending on individual. Fun person to work with. I'd definitely recommend him.
Srikar S.
IT Services
We just had our first session with Tyler! He is amazing - seriously! He is working with us as a family, but also on a personal level. We can’t believe how supportive, patient and compassionate he is...and how excited and optimistic we are! We can’t wait for our next session!!!
Rayane Pierson H.
Business Consultant
I highly recommend Tyler to anyone who wants to do in home work outs with a personal trainer. He is knowledgeable and will work with you to come up with a fitness plan to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Tyler is both personable and professional.
Jeff F.
Home Builder
I love Tyler! He’s helped me with keeping me in shape for hockey season as well as just toning up. He is very well educated on nutrition as well! He’s been incredibly helpful!
Kaylee P
Dog Groomer
I and my wife have been working with Tyler for a few months now and the results have been amazing! Unlike many of his clients, I am working with him on muscle and weight gain. My body fat has gone down, my body weight up, and I’m lifting more every month. In the first three months, my max leg lifts increased by 100+ lbs.! I can hardly recognize my new body! The nutritional guidance is also tremendous and has been an invaluable contributor to the success of the program. If you are looking for someone to partner with in your health journey and help you achieve results, give Tyler a try. You’ll be glad you did!
Steve H.
IT Services
I and my wife have been working with Tyler for a few months now and the results have been amazing! Unlike many of his clients, I am working with him on muscle and weight gain. My body fat has gone down, my body weight up, and I’m lifting more every month. In the first three months, my max leg lifts increased by 100+ lbs.! I can hardly recognize my new body! The nutritional guidance is also tremendous and has been an invaluable contributor to the success of the program. If you are looking for someone to partner with in your health journey and help you achieve results, give Tyler a try. You’ll be glad you did!
Steve H.
Founder & Owner
I am older and have limitations because of knee surgery, a fractured wrist, and arthritis but Tyler either directs me to altered movements or equipment to compensate and still allow for an effective workout.
Kathleen A.
Bar Owner
I wouldn't have started working out without Tyler. He is so positive and motivating, and my husband and I truly look forward to our sessions with him. We made an investment in ourselves and training with Tyler is the best money we've ever spent.
Adrianna H.
Tyler has been fantastic, for several reasons. My son started with Tyler first. My son struggles with any type of motivation or goals. Tyler has been patient and kind the entire time. While encouraging. Through all of this Tyler got me to sign up. Aside from a great conversation, Tyler holds me accountable. Couldn't be happier. If you are ready to make a huge life change, maybe one of the biggest- he is your guy! Make sure to give him a hard time though- he loves that:)
Christina B.
Business Consultant
Absolute peak fitness. This service has been nothing but good to me throughout the past 3 years.
Denise V.
College Student

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